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How soon do I need to order?

When the baby arrives just give us a call or email us. We will deliver when you deliver! We try our best to deliver within 24 hours and strive to be there before the baby gets home. The sooner you can contact us after the baby is born the better so we can reserve a stork just for you. If the stork is for a baby shower or gender reveal party please let us know in advance so that we can make sure to have a stork reserved for your party.

Do you have signs for siblings, grandparents, etc.?

Yes!!! Splendid Storks loves to include the new baby’s older siblings with their own keepsake sibling signs. Grandparents can also be included in the fun with their own stork announcement too! We can also deliver a stork to your baby shower or gender reveal party. For more information check our pricing page or just call us at (951) 858-0645.

What information do I need when I call?

As soon as the baby arrives, call us to reserve a stork sign. We will need the correct spelling of the baby’s first and middle names, weight, length, and date of birth. We also need you to provide us with the delivery address, phone number and we will need to know if there is a sprinkler system in the yard.

Does someone need to be home when the stork is delivered?

There is no need for someone to be home when your stork yard sign is delivered or picked up. If there is a special area where you would like your stork to be placed please let us know when you place your order, otherwise we will use our best judgment.

Where do you deliver and is there a delivery fee?

Splendid Storks happily delivers to and serves Temecula, California and its surrounding areas including: Murrieta, Menifee, Lake Elsinore, Fallbrook, Bonsall, French Valley, Winchester, Wildomar, Sun City, and Rainbow. *If you do not see your area listed please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Delivery Fees apply for locations that are further than 15 miles from our office in southern Temecula. Please reference our Pricing page for those fees.

Can I change the location of my stork?

We ask that you do not attempt to move your stork. When making your reservation please let us know if there is a specific area where you would like your stork to be placed. If it is necessary to change the location of the stork, please call us at (951) 858-0645 and we will come move it for you (there may be a small fee to do so).

If the stork is a gift, how will the family know who it came from?

When a stork is rented as a gift, a card will be left for the new parents that announces who sent it.

When will the stork be delivered and picked up?

We strive to have our storks delivered and set up before the new family arrives home from the hospital. Pick up will happen on the 7th day of the rental period. At pick, up the keepsake bundle will be left on the doorstep for the new family to have as a memory of this special welcome.

How do I place my order for a stork and pay for the rental service?

Orders and payment are usually made over the phone by calling Splendid Storks directly at (951) 858-0645, but can also be made via email at Please call us with your credit card information and will be glad to process your payment. We accept Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express. Payment must be paid in full prior to the delivery of your sign.

What happens if the Stork sign get damaged?

Our signs are sturdy and long lasting and are designed to withstand all types of weather. However, if your do notice any damage to the sign please contact us immediately at (951) 858-6045.

* Please do not attach anything to the stork sign, including balloons. If a balloon was to pop, the sun would melt the latex onto the sign and this would cause permanent damage to the sign. *When mowing your yard during the rental period please be careful not to trim too close to the base of the stork and be careful when using a blower around it because it could damage the stork.

*For the safety of your children, please do not allow them to play on or near the sign. Our signs are not designed to endure children climbing on them.

**Splendid Storks is not responsible for any injury due to children playing on our stork yard signs.
We appreciate you taking good care of our stork signs while they are in your yard!

If you have any other questions we would love to hear from you. Please call Splendid Storks at (951) 858-0645 or email us at

Call: 951.858.0645 or Email: